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Cook for Vestavia Hills City Council

Leading Progress, Serving People

Team Kimberly

Christopher Blazer (and Susan), Campaign Chairman
Gil Simmons (and Leigh), Treasurer
Stephanie Holden Smith
Tammy Johnson
John Hay
Wendy Pickard
Vicki Anderson
Deanna Lucas
Anne Siple
Elaine Taliaferro
Sarah Minor
Lauren Estes
Ashley and Joshua Putman
Teah Jackson
Valerie Hughen
Lynn Woodall
Jaime Cannon
Millie Kennedy
Rosalie Baxter
Phillip and Paige Coker
Jennifer Sides
Mary Largent
Kathryn Lankford
Angela Stevens
Kimberly Webb
Rachel Harwell
Beth Sanders
Susan and Steve Richards
Laura and Ken Difatta
Leslie and John Whitcomb
Mary Jo Ritchey
George Harris
Amy Ingram
Nancy and Scott Smithson
Pamela Jebeles
Cliff Dew
Mary Frances Bowles
Erin Rodia
Katherine Ellis Reeves
Crystal Wilkerson
Katherine McRee
Becky Satterfield
Susan Day
Sarah Beth Slappey